Look Human Look Book trailer

Look Human Look Book Trailer from Annie Burley on Vimeo. enjoy this trailer for a project i've been working on for Look Human



Full artist statement:  THOT Trap is an introspective body of work about misogynoir, with emphasis on creating metaphors that explore act of dehumanization, over-sexualization, and policing the black female body within the black community. Tackling characteristics of assertiveness, fluent sexuality, and confident self-expression that would normally be seen as more acceptable for other races to have but… Continue reading THOT Trap

Look Human Look Book project

look book animatic from Annie Burley on Vimeo. rough animation of reel of film concept art and character design-

MOOD board2

defamation of character Annie Chrissy* Burley: found and made objects with test sculptures and paintings for a bigger body of work. May 2016

MOOD board1

Stripped Annie Chrissy* Burley: dryedm pomelo fruit, acrylic,  and acrylic on canvas. May 2016